Policies and Procedures

Initial appointments are 60 minutes and include a thorough review of past medical history, medications, family history, lifestyle choices, diet, nutritional supplements, and present symptoms. Previous lab work, pap smear, mammogram and hormone levels will be reviewed if available. A comprehensive diagnostic work up will be ordered and may include blood, saliva, hair and urine testing.

Although Dr. Gagnon does not bill insurance companies, she does provide an itemized receipt which can then be submitted by the patient. Many insurances pay a significant portion of the office visit fee. Insurance also covers most blood work ordered, but saliva and urine testing is often considered an “out-of-network” lab expense, and patients may have to meet a deductible before these expenses are covered. Additional saliva or urine testing will be required throughout the course of treatment.

Saliva and urine testing can be done at home over a 12-24 hour period, and results are available within 2-3 weeks. Existing hormone medications do not need to be discontinued before the initial appointment.

Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. First follow-up appointment is scheduled 1-3 months after the initial visit to review test results and institute a personalized treatment plan, which may include bioidentical hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, herbal therapies, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Patients with complex symptoms may require more regular visits and additional testing. Testing for essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin levels, detoxification abilities, oxidative damage risk and intestinal functioning may be ordered. The average number of visits in the first year is 3-4. After that, 6-12 month follow-up visits are customary.

As a specialist in anti-aging and functional medicine, Dr. Gagnon does not try to replace your primary care provider. Her goal is to work together with your family practice or internal medicine doctor to optimize your healthspan.

Please, be aware of my new Cancellation/No Show Policy.